Music and Dance

It is imperative that in these critically important years of the school life, children are exposed to music everyday. This programme is not just confined to the more common set of songs or nursery rhymes sung in the traditional fashion but it includes music chosen for the curriculum. We are on the verge of embedding music as a compulsory program for certain classes, in the coming years, as we plan to develop a state of art Music room.

When kids learn to dance, they learn important skills, like how to pick up new ideas quickly, to pay attention to small details, and to focus on the task at hand. We have teachers for indian cultural dances like kathak etc. for the dance programme.

Theatre in education has been introduced in these formative years of the School. Through aids, which are non-threatening and enjoyable, children develop a greater awareness of their bodies, their minds and their capabilities. They learn self help skills and feel empowered. The movement activities are used as an enabling technique to improve their creativity, academic and social skills, physical and mental alertness and for the overall development of the personality.

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