Science Activity Center

Known throughout the school as SAC, seeks to involve children of the middle school (class 6, 7 and 8) in Science – related practical work in an informal way.
It is our belief that understanding and experiencing Science does not require formal laboratory-type experiments. In SAC we try to provide opportunities for the children
To work with their own hands and acquire confidence in handling tools and materials.
To carry out for themselves simple, improvised experiments – using easily available, inexpensive material – in order to illustrate the facts / laws of science which they study in their theory classes.
To observe some demonstrations, carried out by their teachers, of experiments which they cannot carry out safely by themselves.
To develop their skills of careful observation.
To develop skills of systematic and precise recording.
To develop other skills like measurement, estimation, classification, enquiry – obtaining and using information from a variety of sources, communicating and applying the knowledge learnt to other situations.
The idea of linking science with everyday items and materials of common use is the basic principle underlining the work done in SAC. Activities designed to clarify the concepts of the middle school science syllabus are first tested by the teachers before being carried out by the students. Also included are the activities which develop skills like listening, following instructions (written/oral) and learning to work in cooperative groups. The idea is to have “fun” while doing science.
Moreover, it also facilitates as a math lab . They contain the Ramanujan kit which has all mathematical concepts. The children handle the kit on their own and after a demonstration by the teacher they assemble the pieces of the kit which are like puzzle. The practical use of knowledge fortifies the theoretical concepts taught in class. For better understanding, they also make working models, which in turn enhances understanding of mathematical concepts develops their manual skills and increases their interest in the subject.

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